Monkey creative all started because of the love for music. Audio engineering is a hard job to get off the ground.

It can be a who-you-know kind of industry. We play music live, we record, and, on occasion, produce albums. but, it can be difficult to make a living playing music. So the monkey’s learned how to earn a living in order to keep playing music! 😉 Our Head Monkey, Micah, has a sound engineering degree from Full Sail which makes him legit good at this stuff.

Here is a sample of some of our audio projects.

Album Production Team

by Soundwave | Awaken The Sleepers

The Legal Slant Podcast

by Vanessa Petrea & Jessica Jaramillo

Back when we ran an audio production studio, we averaged 200+ productions a month. Our website is too small to hold all those mp3’s.

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